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Vaporesso Veco One Kit

Vaporesso Veco One Kit

(2 customer reviews)

US $33.19

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Product Description

VECO One All-In-One Vape Kit


Just Vape with this sleek and professional vaping kit.


The VECO One kit includes everything you need to just vape, its futuristic, sleek metallic looks make it perfect for the executive on the go. The smooth vape pen shape includes a removable VECO tank and an on-board rechargeable 1500mAh battery providing a fixed setting at a meaty 40W of power.
This vaping kit has all of the benefits of starter vaping kits, such as ease of use, no mess, and simple settings, but also professional looks not always found with all-in-one vapes.

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Black, Silver

2 reviews for Vaporesso Veco One Kit

  1. R. Robson

    Would have been good if it worked… Husband had bought this as a back up and had only used it twice before I used after my normal one broke,
    Used it once in the morning and got to work went to use it again, powered up and pressed button light came on but no ignition, wasn’t flat, hadn’t changed anything just stopped working… When it did go was a good amount of vapor but a bit noisy.

    • admin

      Hi, Please return it to the store or give us a call so we can work out what has happened.

  2. lester.davison (verified owner)

    Hi vapernesians 🙂 this veco vape came without a coil inserted. I inhaled vape oil.. comic really ! Then got my act together.. what a fab unit ! Simple to load n use. Great battery life n fast charging. 40watt clean burn with plenty to quell my addiction. Made for good heavy duty use.. as a smoke replacement or direct inhale.. with fat fingers ! Thanks vape crew.. you guys r the best 🙂

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