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Aspire NX100 Mod

Aspire NX100 Mod


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Product Description

The NX100 allows you to customize your mod with just a few button clicks. No firmware or connecting to computer required! Ease-of-Use is a key feature of the NX100. Change Logo function: Press ?T? and ?-? simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter or exit change logo settings. Press ? ? ?-? to select letters, press fire button to confirm, ?W? button to delete, and button ?T? to select between lowercase and capital letters. The NX100 also features Child Lock. Aside from firmware upgrades, all operations can be done with just a few click of the NX100 buttons.

Press ?W? and ?T? button simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter or exit color settings. Press ?W? or ?T? button to select background color and press ? ? or ?-? button to select text colors. There are twelve color options. (Note: the Logo color cannot be customized.)

Five button system paired with high resolution TFT screen enables extreme NX100 easy-to-use
a) Fire button
b) W (Wattage) button
C) T (Temperature Control) button
d) ?-? (Minus) button
e) ? ? (Plus) button

Navigate through different vape modes with quick button combo. Simply press ?W? and ?T? button to easily switch between Wattage and Temperature modes.

Ultra-easy battery installation: Insert the Aspire 26650 battery into magnet door positive ( ) down and clasp the door onto the NX100 mod.

The NX100 also comes with a 18650 battery adaptor sleeve. The 18650 adapter sleeve allows you to use the 18650 battery if you do not want to use a 26650 battery.

Upon battery installation, the NX100 screen will display 2 battery icon labeled with 18650 and 26650. Please select the battery type you inserted. Note: The maximum wattage output when using the 18650 battery is 75W, while maximum wattage output when using a 26650 battery is 100W.

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