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Vaporesso NRG GT4 Mesh Coils 3pk

Vaporesso NRG GT4 Mesh Coils 3pk

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Product Description

Pack of 3 genuine Vaporesso coils

NRG Coils are available in the following options on our site:
GT 2 (0.4Ω) Fe-Cr-Al 40-80(B: 55-65W)
GT 4 (0.15Ω) Ni-Cr 30-70W(B:45-60W)
GT 6 (0.2Ω) Ni-Cr 40-100W(B:70-90)
GT 8 (0.15Ω) Ni-Cr 50-110W(B:60~80W)
GT Ccell (0.5Ω) SS316 25-35W
GT Mesh (0.18Ω) Fe-Cr-Al 50-85W(B:65-80W)
GT4 Mesh (0.15Ω) Fe-Cr-Al 50-75W(B:60~70W)

2 reviews for Vaporesso NRG GT4 Mesh Coils 3pk

  1. simonh567

    Tried these and was very impressed. Lovely flavour and vape production. My new “go to” coil I think.

  2. simonh567

    Still impressed with the flavour and vape production, but they seem to have about 75% of the lifespan of a regular GT coil. All 3 in the box were like that.

    In my opinion, not worth the extra cost over and above a regular GT4 or GT6 coil.

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