Vape tanks are the component of your e-cigarette (or rig) that holds e-juice and produces vapour.

When it comes to having a premium vape experience with maximum clouds and flavour that lasts, vape tanks are often the first thing you’ll want to pay attention to.

At Vape Crew, we provide the best vape tank and pod designs to maximise the amount of vapour produced and enhance the flavour of the vape. Our collection includes vape tanks to suit all preferences, ranging from 1.6ml tanks to 7ml tank designs.

Each system vaporises e-juice in slightly different ways, offering a unique vaping experience with every vape design. Explore our range online, have fun experimenting with different devices, and find the ideal system to suit your tastes!

For the best ohm vape tanks to suit your system, shop our range below!
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The best vape tanks and pods to boot!

Tanks and pods are an essential part of all vape devices and contribute to the overall flavour, vapour production, and vaping experience. If you’re looking for premium vape products at affordable prices¬, Vape Crew delivers!

Our wide range of vape gear includes high-quality designs to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a sub-ohm tank with top induction airflow (to reduce the chance of leaking) or for a compact tank design with a small, non-bulky structure that offers full flavour, you can find them here!

We also feature a wide variety of pods suitable for both single and dual coil builds. Some designs come with adjustable airflow (e.g., top, side, and bottom airflow options), delivering maximum vape flexibility to suit your needs.

When it comes to finding the right device—we always recommend vapers be wary of cheap imitations. At Vape Crew, we stock nothing but genuine vape juices and gear from trusted, well-known brands. For the best vape experience, high-quality devices, and seamless customer service, explore our vape store collection and shop Vape Crew online today.