Nicotine e-liquid made for smokers—by (ex-)smokers.

Buy premium quality e-liquids in New Zealand through Vape Crew! Known for our friendly customer service and high-quality vaping products, we carry NZ-made e-juice that's produced in the country's cleanest lab.

Vape Crew e-liquid is a premium blend range that provides full flavours in all their complexities—from e-juice that offers the taste of real cigarettes to e-liquids with the taste of sweets, fruit, coffee, and other delicious flavours. Our collection of VAPEJUICE caters to all vapers, from those who like vaping liquids with a high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) to experienced vapers who like blowing big, flavoursome clouds.

Delivering the best vape devices and e-juices New Zealand-wide, Vape Crew values quality customer experience above all else. Now, with years of production experience and an ever-growing client base, Vape Crew offers a wide range of highly refined products perfect for vapers of all kinds- from beginners to experienced.

Explore our range of quality vape juices below and shop our range today.
100% Kiwi Owned and Operated label

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Dedicated to providing the best products and the best customer experience to vapers throughout the country, Vape Crew brings excellent customer service and the widest range of full-flavour e-liquids to vapers New Zealand-wide. Whether you’re an ex-smoker looking for support products to help you quit, a beginner new to vaping, or an experienced vaper, we have e-juice flavours for every preference.

From flavourless e-liquids made for DIY vapers to e-juices sporting full-body, complex flavours of every kind, we have them all! Our tobacco e-liquids made with nic salts or freebase nicotine are the perfect choice for smokers looking to kick the habit as they come with the full complex flavour of real cigarettes. For avid coffee lovers, our espresso e-juice provides a full-bodied punch—perfect for a refreshing morning wake-up!

If you have a sweet tooth that can’t be denied, no worries! Our range of fruit and berry e-liquids promises sweet, sour, tangy, and refreshing flavours to suit all palates. For e-liquids featuring the delicious taste of cookies, bananas and whipped cream, and more, our range also satisfies.

Please note that the VAPE Crew e-liquid range is designed for use in sub-ohm devices. To avoid dry burning, please ensure your vape device can wick thick e-juices.

Have any questions? We’re always here to help! Contact us today for all things vape! For the best e-liquids in New Zealand, explore our range online here and shop Vape Crew today.