New Year, New You: How Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

For many smokers, finding a way to quit tops the list of New Years’ resolutions. Vaping has gained traction as an effective smoking cessation tool over recent years and even has the studies to back it up. Below, we’ll explain why vaping is such an effective quitting method and look at the benefits of switching.

Keep reading to find out how vaping could help kick your smoking habit for good!

Why is vaping so effective as a quitting method?

Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of vaping compared to other quitting methods. A 2019 study by a UK university found vaping to be almost twice as effective at helping people quit smoking compared to nicotine replacement products such as patches and gums. Here are some of the advantages that make vaping so effective.

Similar mouthfeel and flavour

E-liquids with a high PG base will give you a strong throat hit, emulating the feeling of smoking. Vaping also allows the same mouth to lung inhale, giving you similar physical sensations. Using tobacco flavoured vape juice lets you enjoy the familiar taste that you are used to as well.

Same action

For smokers, the repetitive action of bringing a cigarette to the mouth and inhaling can bring relief. This is not lost with vaping; you will still get that familiar relaxing feeling from the action of using your vape device.

Something to do in a social situation

Many people who are trying to quit smoking find that they are most likely to falter and pick up a cigarette in social situations, such as drinks with friends. Luckily, vaping gives you something to do in these situations rather than reaching for a smoke, so you can still feel included in your social activities without harming your health.

Same quick release of nicotine

Vaping gives you a quick hit of nicotine when you inhale, same as a cigarette. This fast hit provided by vaping can be more satisfying compared to the slow release of nicotine provided by patches and gums.

What are the benefits of vaping compared to smoking?

No nasty chemicals

Nicotine is the addictive part of a cigarette that keeps you coming back for more. However, it’s the other chemicals in smokes that you need to worry about. Substances like tar, arsenic, and ammonia are responsible for negative health effects, such as lung cancer, that cigarettes can cause. With vaping, you don’t have to inhale these dangerous chemicals to get the same nicotine hit.

It’s more affordable

Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking which is another great benefit! Vaping can become pricey if it becomes a hobby you are invested in, but for beginners who use a standard device, it is a more affordable option than cigarettes. This means you will get to see your savings accumulate as you step away from the smokes.

You can customise nicotine levels

When you vape to quit smoking, your end goal may be to quit vaping as well, or you may just want to reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale. Whatever your goal, the ability to customise nicotine levels with vaping is a real plus. You are in control of how much nicotine you consume and can start gradually reducing the levels until you reach the stage of using a nicotine-free e-liquid.

At this point, you can wean off vapes altogether if you want to, but this should only be done once you are completely sure you won’t return to smoking cigarettes.

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