Best Vape Juices & E-Liquids to Try Right Now

Vape Crew, we sell premium quality vape products New Zealand wide and provide world-class retail services. We here stock various vape juices and e-liquids to offer you flavour range as full as possible to meet your needs. Below, we found the six best vape juices & e-liquids for you to try in 2021.

The Best Coffee E-Juice: Café Coffee E-Liquid

If you live for your cup of morning coffee, then Mt Baker Vapor’s Café Coffee is definitely the vape liquid for you! The cappuccino flavour gives a light, fresh taste of cream, which blends with the sweetnes of brown sugar, and the caramel tones of espresso. This liquid comes in three different sizes with two variations on nicotine, so you can customise your order to fit your current vaping habits.

Vape Crew – Gamma

Gamma is a classic vape flavour that takes you back in time with its old school taste! The bubblegum sweetness is a fantastic way for you to unwind for a moment, and take a break from the stress of the day. We offer various sizes and nicotine levels, so if you want to try a smaller size before investing in a bigger one, you can!

Holy Cannoli Vape Juice

Dessert lovers, Holy Cannoli is the vape juice for you! Cannoli is a traditional Italian pastry filled with sweet cream cheese—usually ricotta. This exquisite taste has been formulated to be a rich, creamy vape sensation. This liquid is made with nic salts and delivers a super smooth inhaling experience. If you are a vaping beginner looking for a medium-sweet taste with a soft texture, this is it.

Afternoon Delight E- Liquid

Wish you could be on a tropical holiday? With Afternoon Delight—a fruity e-liquid that blends banana, coconut and pineapple—you can! By mixing banana and pineapple, you get a burst of natural sweetness and light sourness under your tongue. Coconut extract enriches this combo and ties it all together. There’s nothing better than going on a private holiday during your break at work!

Frukt Peach Apricot E-Liquid

This fruit-based vape juice is our top-selling product, and it’s no surprise why. Frukt Peach and Apricot is a two-fruit blend with a light summer taste. With a sweet inhale and sour finish, the layers of flavour take you to a Hawaiian paradise by the sea!

Perfectly Mint (Menthol) E-Liquid

This flavour delivers the ultimate in minty freshness if you are looking for a cool, aromatic taste. It blends peppermint with menthol and other herbal scents to naturally freshen up your tired mind. If you’re a fan of cool mint and menthol, this is a must-try.

Mix and Match Your Top Picks Today

Vape Crew sells only the best quality e-liquids out there, from freebase to nicotine salts. Not sure what flavour you want? Feel free to contact our knowledgeable team. We’d love to share our expertise on vaping and help you choose the right flavour for you.