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Vaping is quickly becoming the go-to alternative to smoking cigarettes and we are happy to be leading the trend. The health benefits of making the switch away from smoking are universally known and acknowledged by the medical profession.

Everything You Need for Quality Vaping

Everything You Need For Quality Vaping

At Vape Crew you can find a great range of Vaporisers, batteries, mods, accessories and e liquids. We certainly have everything for your vaping needs and a huge variety of e-liquids in stock. Most noteworthy are our house range which are top sellers above all.
Vaping Has Become A DIY Hobby

Vaping Has Become A DIY Hobby

As vapers become more discriminating in their enjoyment of vaping, they have taken to customising their vaping equipment to provide just the right experience. This has led to the overwhelming popularity of our Build Kits.
Shop Online Or In-Person

Shop Online Or In-Person

Every product in our vast catalogue is available to be ordered either online vape store or in-person at one of our nine NZ vape shop locations nation-wide. We have three stores in Auckland as well as stores in Christchurch, Hamilton, Manukau, Matamata, Timaru and Wellington.